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:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: When you send a Join Request :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:star: Those who do not submit a theriotype and/or Otherkin species with their request you will not be accepted into the group!

:star: Also, please be specific and include your sub-species (Grey Wolf / Forest Dragon) if you have one. This prevents us here at TheriansONdA from having to continuously ask questions and speeds up your membership process.

Why do I need to include this in my join request?

We list our members alphabetically by their species classification on our Member's Listing. This helps us at TheriansONdA keep track of our members and allows members to better connect with one another.

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Hey guys. If you haven't noticed, the activity here has been pretty much nonexistent for a few months. My life has gotten kind of interesting for once, and I found out the hard way that I just can't do this all by myself, especially with full-time college on the horizon. I definitely don't want to close the group, and I don't know anyone well enough to just hand it off to them. I have too much invested in it just to leave it all behind. But it's a huge responsibility, so I thought I would ask the members themselves if they would like to step up to help out, because this Group is and always has been a community project. I still want this to be and believe it to be the best Therian & Otherkin art community on deviantArt.

If you are interested in helping, please read on...

We have a bit of an advanced system in place, so I'm going to need people with a bit of dA Group experience, good judgement, and moral experience.

:bulletblack: You have to have knowledge on how to navigate menus to access the area where you'll be doing the majority of your work. From my point of view, I go to Messages => under "Groups" on the left side I click TheriansONdA => This will bring you to the Group messages and Correspondance Items such as Gallery Submissions and Join Requests.

:bulletblack: We have a voting system in place for Gallery submissions and Join Requests, which has become standard for most larger Groups. You will have to judge what is right for our Group based on the Rules (which are being updated for clarification right now) and make sure it goes into the right Gallery Folder. (I.E. Something drawn or painted does not go into the photography or digital art folder.) It is a matter of clicking Yes or No, or clicking Comment to ask a question or formally greet someone into the Group.

:bulletblack: We have our own Member's List (that hasn't been cleaned or updated in like a year im so sorry) that requires maintenance whenever a Member joins or leaves; I.E. you have to add their name and theriotype when they join, and remove them when they leave. This requires a bit of tech savvy with basic HTML and some of deviantArt's coding. If you're not comfortable with this type of stuff you can leave the Join Requests to someone else, but I'm really looking for people who can do both.

:bulletblack: I require at least some form of communication between me, you, and the rest of the Contributors/Helpers. Groups have a private discussion forum that I'd like everyone to use so we know exactly what is on everyone's minds so we aren't stepping on anyone's toes or doing things twice or more. A lot of stuff will be able to be handled by my helpers/Contributors, but some larger scale things will clearly require my own approval. Communication is key to success.

There's some other smaller, more technical behind-the-scenes stuff but I would be getting ahead of myself by putting it here, so we'll discuss that later after you've submitted your "application."

I have no limit to how many people I would like to have to help out here. I really, really appreciate the consideration you may put forth, and if you have any questions at all please comment or send me or the Group a Note.

If you would like to apply, please send a Note to either me (GekkouKitsune) or the Group explaining a bit about yourself and your experience with deviantArt Groups or otherwise.
If you're thinking about it but aren't sure, please send me a Note anyway so we can discuss it.

If there's anything you'd like for us to do or change, just let us know.

Thank you!

Onyx-Tigeress and GekkouKitsune

:bulletblack::bulletred: Welcome :bulletred::bulletblack:

:bulletred::bulletblack::bulletyellow: ~ Rules & Guidelines ~ :bulletyellow::bulletblack::bulletred:

TheriansONdA  is a group here on :devart: for Therianthropes, or therians, (and Otherkin) of all shapes, sizes and species to come together and embrace their more wild side. We are a place to view art, share thoughts and opinions, contact fellow therians or simply chillax. Please feel free to kick off your shoes, take a seat, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and ultimately make yourselves at home!
Just be sure you wipe your paws off at the door! :)
Our group also welcomes one an all, unbiased to subjects such as religion which can be controversial in the therian/otherkin communities. We also encourage those new to the therian/otherkin community, and those who are shy or withdrawn about their therianthropy/otherkin-ness to feel completely comfortable joining as well.
We bark, squeak, cry and squawk here but never bite!

:bulletblack::bulletorange: What exactly is Therianthropy? :bulletorange::bulletblack:

Search Therianthropy on the internet and you can find over 22,000 different entries, all with their own definition of the word. Ask a group of Therianthropes and they might not even give you a cohesive answer to this question.
But simple terms, Therianthrope is a term used to describe a person who believes that either mentally or spiritually, part of themselves is not human but animal.
The animal or creature a therian identifies themselves with, called a theriotype, can range from an animal as small as a sparrow to a behemoth blue whale. Most therians are mammals and the most common theriotype is that of a wolf, which is said to account for over half of the online community. A therian may also have more than one theriotype and are considered by some to be "Poly-weres" or Polymorphs.
Therians often refers to themselves as "Weres" though not all therianthropes agree with the name. Some feel it implies a physical transformation, such as does the term Lycanthropy, which is often avoided as well.
Therianthropy is also not to be confused with Otherkin, which consist of mythological creatures and beings (such as fairies and gryphons) though the two are closely related.

More Information:…, [Written by our own SpiritEuipoi]
And dragon-grounds.mountaintooth.n… [Also owned by SpiritEuipoi] for Dragonkin and Casters. :D

:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Join us on social media! Tumblr! & Twitter! :bulletyellow::bulletblue:

If you'd like your artwork to not be broadcast on our Tumblr or Twitter accounts, just let us know and you will be put on an Exempt List.

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Our Members :bulletgreen::bulletblack:

If you wish to join, please read below.
Everyone please wish our newest members a warm welcome!
And as always our all of our members are listed here.

:bulletblack::bulletblue: To Join :bulletblue::bulletblack:

Send in a request and, almost always, it will be approved. If sending in requests isn't your cup of tea drop a note or message and we'll send you an invite. Please note you must be a therian or otherkin to join. And be sure to include your theriotype or otherkin species {and sub-species if necessary} somewhere in your message as we list our members this way.

Those who do not submit a theriotype and/or theriotypes with their request you will not be accepted into the group! You will be asked once for your theriotype and without a response within a week your request will be denied.

You may always submit another request afterwards but we need a theriotype to match to your username on our Members List. As, again, we list (and keep track of) our members by their theriotype. And, remember, if you're not exactly sure you want your theriotype out for public viewing our Members List is linked in our journal a part of our 'Blog' archives. We don't exactly flaunt our member's personal information.

:bulletblack::bulletpurple: Deviation Submissions and Favorites :bulletpurple::bulletblack:

There is no limit to the number of deviations a member can submit in a day.

We may eventually set a limit if our number of members grows exponentially but for the time being, no.
All that we ask is that the deviation be therian-related, including a human and/or animal.
It would also be helpful, yet not necessary, if members would submit there deviations to the proper categories.
Our categories are Photography, Digital Art, Traditional Art, Writing, Artisan Crafts, and Contest Entries.
If the category you wish to submit to does not exist, please notify an administrator (either Onyx-Tigeress or GekkouKitsune) and we will create the category for you.
Our favorites are also unlimited to the number suggested per person per day.
Again, the deviations must be in some way therian-related and sorting into the proper category would also be helpful.
Our favorites categories are Digital Art, Traditional Art, Photography, Symbols, and Stamps.
If you believe a category is missing from our listing, again, contact one of our administrators.
More Journal Entries


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